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Air Rifle Hunting

First, choosing a rifle.

There are some notable examples of hunters using .50 cal air rifles with the impact energy of a “real” rifle to hunt wild pigs and deer or similar game. If you are after big game, you need something with an impact energy that equals a gunpowder rifle, so use a gunpowder rifle for that.

However, if your choice of target is varmint or small game that includes rats, squirrels, rabbits and similar, then an air rifle has many advantages. You can use it in a populated area. Your neighbours won’t be in danger of getting hit by a stray round. The noise will not disturb them. The pellets are inexpensive and you don’t need a gun license.

When it comes to choosing the right air rifle for the pest control or hunting task, there are just a few basic features that you need to keep in mind.

  • The rifle needs to be accurate.
  • The rifle needs to be powerful.
  • The rifle should ideally be of a .22 or .25 caliber.

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    RWS 54 Air King

    I do a lot of shooting, I have handguns, I have hunting rifles, and I have airguns, but the gun I shoot the most is the RWS 54 Air King.
    Now this is a German made air rifle. It is marketed as the RWS 54, Diana RWS 54 and the Umarex RWS 54. It is not an inexpensive rifle. It is actually quite costly, but excellent quality is always going to cost. And if you want the best, then get the RWS 54 Air King. Let’s take a look at what makes it the best air rifle on the market.

    The RWS 54 Air King is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, so get the one that fits you the best. They all have excellent FPS and impact power, but of course the .177 is a bit faster. That is the one I got. You choose the one which fits your requirements.
    This is not a traditional break barrel. The cocking motion is made by a side lever, that you pull back, which opens the breech, giving you access to insert a pellet.

    What makes this rifle unequaled in precision is that it is a

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    Hatsan 125 Sniper 22 cal

    This is a review of the Hatsan 125 sniper 22 calibre air rifle. This is one hell of an airgun. Cool looks, powerful, accurate and of an excellent build quality. It has a silencer, which brings this 1000 FPS 22 calibre air rifle to an acceptable sound level.

    First off, the sights. Just as with the previously reviewed Hatsan 95 air rifle, it has TruGlo ™ iron sights. And just like with the other Hatsan rifle, It comes bundled with a 3-9x32mm scope that can be mounted on a dovetail or a weaver rail. This dual mount capability is a nice feature. I don’t use this scope too much because I like iron sights, but it looks like it is a decent scope.

    The Hatsan 125 Sniper 22 cal is a break barrel air rifle, and since it is a very powerful rifle, it takes a lot of pull to cock it.
    All of 50 pounds of pull is needed to break it, which means that it might be a bit too much for younger kids.

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